Gilders proudly sponsor various local organisations and taken part in initiatives through providing distribution services nationally to support our community.

Building a purposeful business that supports our greater community

Gilders value the communities they operate in and are mindful of their social and environmental responsibility. Since establishment, Gilders have committed to building a purposeful business by partnering with various local and international charitable organizations that support the well being of our communities. Through engaging in various initiatives, Gilders continue to uphold the values that serve as the foundation of our company ethos, enabling us to make a difference.

Gilders have proudly sponsored a number of organisations and have contributed time and resources to participate in causes we are passionate about including health, community relief programs, schools, sports, arts and social awareness.

2021 CEO Sleepout

This year, our Managing Director Brad Gilder took part in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout to shed light into homelessness. A harsh reality that many unfortunately are succumb to through no fault of their own. Raising over $6,700.00, the Gilders team were thrilled to contribute to a worthy cause. Supporting organisations like Vinnies in raising funds to fight homelessness and provide access to crisis accommodation, food and healthcare is essential. Together we can make a difference. 


Gilders continue to support their charity of choice ‘MRN – Medical Repurposing Network’. “Journey across the heart” is an initiative that supports outback doctors and nurses with repurposed equipment that would have otherwise been decommissioned. Travelling 5,000km across Australia to distribute this medical equipment to the needy is a truly a journey across the heart. 

In 2019/2020 Gilders partnered with NRL Commentator Alanna Ferguson and the Medical Repurposing Network to support the national Bush Fire Relief efforts. Gilders proudly donated medical equipment and distributed donations from collection points to bushfire relief distribution centres. In addition, Gilders staff dedicated their time to the handling and storage of the donations. 

Over the years, Gilders have sponsored various local organisations and taken part in initiatives through providing distribution services Nationally to support our community. A few of these organisations include the Australian Farmers, the McGrath Foundation, Australian Bush Fire Relief,  Beanie for Brain Cancer and Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency.